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Celebrating #NationalIceCreamDay in D.C. with Jeni’s!


Yesterday, we celebrated #NationalIceCreamDay with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams!

I’d found that they were “going on tour” in a cute ice cream truck and was heading to the northeast! I was pretty excited! Mainly, because I was looking forward to trying Tyler, the Creator’s “Snowflake” debut flavor (mint + white chocolate ice cream. Never was really a fan of mint ice cream, but was willing to try it just because of Tyler, the Creator). A man in front of us enthusiastically asked for “that mint flavor”, to which I perked up because I’m a huge fan of Tyler the Creator and and I looked forward to one of the employees sliding out a small cup of green and white ice cream. But unfortunately, it was unavailable and one of the employees said it was only at select stores. However, I was impressed by the friendly service of those working at the truck and how they even offered coupons to take! Nonetheless, there’s nothing much to complain about when you’re getting delicious FREE ice cream from a truck!

The Brambleberry Crisp flavor that I got was absolutely heavenly! It tastes just like a berry pie and had pie crust pieces in it. The berry filling was rich and sweet, but it wasn’t overwhelming. The ice cream was also smooth and creamy. This is a high quality ice cream that everyone needs in their life!

The truck was located at a local Whole Foods, which I hadn’t been in since late high school early college. (Surprisingly enough, one of my first dates was at a Whole Foods sophomore year of college. He took me to the hot bar, where I shoved Mac + Cheese into a recyclable container and ate it in his car. Very romantic, ladies! I know.) Whole Foods is very big, but it has everything you need. We also noticed a burger and fries station in-store. I also couldn’t help but pass up on the cute llama (or alpaca??) plant holder in front of me!

We eased our way on down to the wharf, but before reaching there, I snapped a shot of some local street art! Then we found this AWESOME pro-feminist Ruth Bader Ginsberg (my queen) jacket that was hand-painted!

We then visited a bookstore that had relatively every modern book that’s out right now. I was hoping for more of a vintage bookstore. Inside, however, were more up-to-date books such as Michelle Obama’s Becoming and Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime. There was a whole teen section that I fangirled over, but quickly realized that I’d read the majority of the books there, like All The Bright Places, Paper Towns, and Turtles All the Way Down. We left the store empty-handed, but wanted to stop by “milk” before we headed home.

I’d seen this place a million times on Instagram and Pinterest, so I was sort of brainwashed by the aesthetic of the place and what they offered from social feeds. The menu was a bit overwhelming for me, and I hadn’t noticed anything on the menu from vlogs or Pins. The employees that were working there also were maybe having a bad day and were just kind of not too nice. Plus, we found that a small cake (the one pictured below) was around $30. Even smaller items seemed overpriced. Going somewhere for the aesthetic and buying something overpriced can be an entire post in itself. (*Let me know if you want to know my thoughts on this!*)

The Wharf was beautiful and relaxing, but only for a few minutes. I enjoy being at the water. But because it was crazy, insane hot with a heat advisory, I began to sweat and my skin began to burn. (This is a common symptom of the psoriasis that I have. But it’s sort of triggering for me because it brings back dreadful memories of last year when I’d sweat and scratch and turn into a burning little ball.) At this point, I was about to have anxiety attack because I was beginning to scratch and I worried myself. We couldn’t find our car for a solid 20 minutes and I was slowly trickling down a spiral of panic and overheating, trying to ignore the stinging at my neck. Luckily, we finally found the car, and on the ride home, we passed by the Washington Monument! (*You can see my mom driving below! Teehee!*)

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