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how i bible study every day | what i learned after a week of bible study

I’ve committed myself to the journey—the journey of discovering my faith through the words of the Lord. I dedicate myself every night to reading the Bible and listening to God’s voice. Some days, his voice is louder than others, and sometimes I feel His presence stronger on certain days. But nonetheless, I hear Him and feel Him everyday. 

I’d always been interested in studying the Bible. But I just didn’t know how. I started listening to podcasts and searching up on YouTube on how to develop a Bible study routine. I managed to create a method for my Bible studying that I can follow every day without the pressures of taking notes in a certain way:


Full Verse 

My interpretation of God’s message 

My thoughts and prayers to God

I find that in writing down the scripture and verse once full, I can remember is better. I use both my teen Bible and the YouVersion app on my phone to receive both translations of the Bible. I use the Common English Version in the YouVersion app, while my teen Bible is in the King James translation. I really listen to God’s messages and dissect His Words after I take down the scripture. I try not to put any of myself in the translation, because then I don’t think I’d be able to hear His full message. I leave my own thoughts to the section later on. (Which may sound like a contradiction, but at this point, I just translate almost word-for-word.) In “Thoughts/Prayers”, I become one with God. I write down all of my fears, anxieties, and hopes. I also thank God for what he has given me that day, even the small things. Such as, the sky I see that day, or a dessert I ate that day, or if one of my friends sends me a message. I thank God for everything because you only get today once. If I have sinners that day, I don’t hide it from God. I tell him. In doing this every night, it helps my anxiety from flaring at night because I’m overthinking everything that happened that day. I always add stickers too from my collection!

What I Learned: 

  • I became consist in connecting with God when I dedicated a certain time to him. In my first few days of studying the Bible, I was studying really late at night…at around midnight. Some nights later. But with each day, I vowed to myself that I would study earlier than the night before. Last night, I studied at 9 pm. It doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment, but I’m proud of myself for studying earlier than the nights before!
  • God has helped me become a better woman. He has lead me to faith-based reproduced made for women by women. When I started studying the Bible, I was very insecure. I hated the way I looked. I thought I could only be accepted by men because I didn’t wear makeup or dresses. I didn’t even have the confidence to. Before studying the Bible, I had no direction after graduating and the job I worked was not healthy for me. But God showed me that my worth was not expressed in the jobs I worked or the approval from my friends, but in how we connected and what I thought of myself. 
  • God is non-judgmental.
  • I should’ve saved myself for marriage. This is probably my one regret that I realize now that I’m on my journey of faith. Until now, I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t want to be committed to a man. I wanted independent. But I learned that being this way, and closing off myself to men, actually made me repel them. I still have crushes and I still want to be in love. But I just didn’t want commitment. Yet, I expected a man to commit to me, which was a contradiction. So, I’m slowly opening my heart and I think I may want to get married in the near future. 

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