my 5 favorite movies to watch on a self-care day

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As you guys know, I love movies. I always have. The first movie I saw in the theaters was Lilo & Stitch (2001). I was amazed at how a story could be told on a screen, and not just in a book. In just two hours or less, when you watch a movie, you can be immersed in someone else’s story. And sometimes, there’s this magical moment where a movie really imprints on you and affects for the better. I’m still pretty traditional in that I cherish my DVDs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and I love the portability of Netflix. But my DVDs are forever. I’m the type of person that will see a movie a million times, and still buy the DVD. (Just as I’ll read a book at a library, love it, and will buy my own copy.) I picked five of my favorites to watch on a self-care day. Each day I take a few hours to myself to watch a movie with popcorn (see my disability morning routine) as it gives me a chance to rest my body and immerse myself in another narrative that isn’t me and my chronic illness/disability.

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The Fault in Our Stars

Out of any and all of the movies I’ve ever seen in my life, I always go back to The Fault in Our Stars. I watch it at least once a month, I swear. It’s just something about that movie that’s so hopeful and magical, yet raw and real. It’s witty, and sad. I watch this movie when I’m happy or feeling low, in any mood. I love Shailene Woodley and pretty much every movie that she’s ever done. (See below to The Spectacular Now) I long to go to Amsterdam, because of this beautiful movie.

Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl

I watch this movie when I need a good laugh. But from the title, it doesn’t seem as if this movie is a laughing matter. But RJ Cyler as “Earl” keeps the movie lighthearted and fun, even when the topic of the movie is far from fun. The quick one-liners and awkward moments of silence depicts the reality of painfully quirky high school friendships. I first watched this movie after a friend recommended it in 2015 when it was first released and I bought the DVD winter break of that year. Ever since then, it’s stayed in my permanent collection and I just watched it last week!

The Spectacular Now

Another Shailene Woodley classic. I first saw the trailer for this movie on a cruise ship (while on family vacation) and I couldn’t wait to get back to the States to watch it. But when I got back to the States, I probably forgot to go see it. That was until I was in Wal-Mart and huzzah! There was The Spectacular Now movie on DVD. I got TSN DVD at the same time as getting the Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl DVD, and it was a tough decision–honestly-to pick which one to watch first. This movie also has an emotional place in my heart as I can relate to Shailene’s character, “Amy” on a few personal levels.


I usually don’t cry in movies, but I teared up when I first watched Up. I also watched this movie in theaters with my mom and my best friend at the time. Sadly, we stopped being friends after we saw this movie (we didn’t have problems, but our families clashed for reasons we couldn’t control). I find this movie so pretty and colorful. I recently watched this movie with a close friend when I was at a low in my life, and it helped me. So, I guess this movie represents friendship and healing for me! And the ending is so satisfying.

Toy Story 3

All of my friends know that I have an obsession with Lotso (the bear that smells like strawberries. I know he’s evil. I know he’s the bad guy, but he’s my favorite. I have two plushies of him and a ton of Lotso merch!). Toy Story 3 just gives me the warm fuzzies, because of the ending. Woody and the gang just fight so hard, always stick together, prevailing against Lotso. I just find it to be so cute at the end when Andy gives the toys to Bonnie before he goes off to college. I thought it was the perfect ending. I like Toy Story 4, but I enjoyed Toy Story 3 much more.

Comment down below some of your favorite movies!

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